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Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers Association
Drawing by Hilary Cole (c)2006

SCVFA Contact Information

See the Join SCVFA Page for information on joining the SCVFA.

Mailing Address

All written correspondence should be addressed to:

  P.O. Box 2666
  Cupertino, CA 95015-2666

Email Addresses

The main functions of the SCVFA can be reached by email using the format:  function-name@fiddlers.org.

Replace "function-name" with one of these (without quotes):
  • president (general questions and comments)
  • vicepresident (ditto)
  • membership (for membership questions and information about joining the SCVFA
    and for changes of address, phone, email, etc. for members)
  • newsletter (to submit an article or news item)
  • performances (to inquire about having SCVFA perform, or if you are one of our performers)
  • publicity (for questions or suggestions about publicizing the SCVFA)
  • webmaster (for comments and questions about this website)
  • copyright (if you believe material on this site violates your copyright or is not properly credited. Please explain what material you feel is a problem, what copyright you hold, if any, what action you are requesting (e.g. removal, or corrected credit), and how best to contact you.)

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