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SCVFA Performances

SCVFA members perform by arrangement at various community events, at locations such as schools, senior and community centers, for other local organizations, and occasionally for private parties. The performances provide another way for us to present traditional music to the public, one of the goals set by our Bylaws. Fees received for the performances help fund SCVFA's other activities. We typically perform a few times a year.

We encourage any members who are comfortable performing in public, and especially those who have flexible schedules, to volunteer for these performances. Most of the tunes and songs are the same sort that can be heard at the monthly SCVFA Jamboree. The variety of musicians leads to fairly informal performances -- and a good variety of music, as different musicians take the lead.

We've played for many different groups and events, including Skyline Health Center and White Blossom Care Center (San Jose), Terreno Gardens Extended Care (Los Gatos), Campbell Chamber of Commerce (Boogie on the Bayou), City of Santa Clara (Concert in the Park series), City of San Jose, Cypress Senior Center, the City of San Ramon (Forest Home Farms), Empire Gardens Elementary, and the San Jose Retired Teachers Association.

Request a Performance

If you'd like information on arranging a performance (or just have questions), contact our interim Performance Coordinator Susan Goodis at send mail to performances -at- scvfa - dot - org, preferably 3-4 weeks ahead of the desired performance date. (Note: former Performances Coordinators Paul Clarke and Dave Williams have retired from this position.)

Volunteer to Play

We have a lot of fun playing to appreciative audiences. If you'd like to participate, even if only occasionally, please contact our Performance Coordinator at the above email address, to be added to our "playout" notification list. No obligation! No pay! (But you might get fed from time to time.)

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